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Since our launch in 1999, likeyou has been dedicated to the international distribution of information on the contemporary visual arts via our platform.  On June 23rd, 2015 – in an effort to further include our community in the sharing and distribution of art information – likeyou transformed itself into a social media art platform. With this particularly inclusive approach, likeyou aims to be the preeminent platform for the arts, where artists, businesses, collectors, and art enthusiasts can connect, spark interest, and gain exposure, creating a vibrant and highly engaged art community.

The purpose of the likeyou artnetwork is to create excitement about art, and to engage artists and art enthusiasts alike, creating a rich and vibrant online art community. The contributions shared by our users are the key element to making this community come alive. We want you to be active and communicative without reservation, sharing your art, stories, ideas, images, music, thoughts… whatever you want to share with the likeyou community and your friends. So excite us, engage us, provoke us, entertain us. Be simply likeyou.

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Please note that likeyou artnetwork is NOT a DATING platform. If you are reported by other members for sending inappropriate messages with explicit dating intentions, you will be banned from likeyou artnetwork. If you do not accept our terms and rules, we will delete your account with no prior notification.


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