in Tokyo / Japan
28.05.2024 - 22.06.2024 00:00
Dan Graham

Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce our second exhibition with pioneering American artist Dan Graham. Graham was at the forefront of many of the most significant developments in conceptual art. Investigating many disciplines from music, architecture, anthropology and astrology, Graham took in many different forms, including text, performance, architectural pavilion, and video and introduced subversive ideas into people’s daily lives. His work has been exhibited extensively, internationally and is represented in numerous private and public collections.

The exhibition consists of comprehensive collections of Graham’s work, and chronological development of his long career as an artist, described himself as a ‘provocateur’ and ‘rebel’. Firstly, a long run series of the color photographs, which was started from “Homes for America” (1966-67), when his analytical bent first appeared. “Homes for America” is a sequence of photos of suburban development in New Jersey, accompanied by a text charting the economics of land use and the obsolescence of architecture and craftsmanship. In this exhibition, half of the works are from “Homes for America”, and the second half is a book from Dan Graham’s “New Jersey” (2012). The photographs he took in 2006, occasion of exhibition and research collaboration, a series of study trips that Graham conducted with faculty from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) and other guests.

A series of two juxtaposed photographs are also introduced, taken in the same suburban cityscapes in 1960s, 80s, or 2008, which show a multilayered element of repetition and difference, both spatially and temporally. A series of incorporating two mirrors to practice intersubjective realms is also introduced which started to be seen in the 1970s. Graham’s never changed interest in New Jersey, buildings, kitsch, and America can be seen through the series.

Secondly, the model which shows Graham’s interest in psychology and gaze, “Clinic for a Suburban Site” (1978). A speculative project that raises questions about the boundaries between public and private, the concepts of “inside” and “outside,” and the “traditional disposition of the family space” according to Graham. The facade of a building in an apparently typical American suburb has been replaced by glass, while the house’s interior is divided into public and private sections by a mirror. In doing so, Graham critiques the modernist ideal that the literal transparency of glass in architecture would also lead to social transparency. At the same time that the house’s inhabitants can gaze at the environment and activity outside, they themselves become objects on display, and this concept is connected to Graham’s next development of the pavilion series.

Graham’s critical engagement manifests most alluringly in the glass and mirrored pavilions, which he has designed since the late 1970s. The Two-way mirrors within the pavilion, create unexpected reflections and voyeuristic elements simultaneously watching oneself and being able to watch others. Three models of the pavilion is Graham’s last work unveiled in 2022, poised between sculpture and architecture, drawing attention as instruments of expression, psychological strongholds, makers of social change and prisms through which we view others and ourselves.

Dan Graham was born in 1942 in Urbana, Illinois, raised in Winfield Township, New Jersey. For fifty years, he had spent most of his career in New York and passed away in 2022.

Gallery hours Tue-Sat 12 am – 7 pm
Closed on Sun, Mon and National Holidays

Exhibition Duration 28.05. – 22.06.2024


Taka Ishii Gallery Tokyo
complex665 3F, 6-5-24 Roppongi, Minato-ku
106-0032 Tokyo


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