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29.11.2021 - 28.01.2022 00:00

Robert Mann Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “FotoFiber”, the sequel to the well received exhibition: “The Embroidered Image”, mounted by the gallery in 2014. “FotoFiber” continues to explore the synthesis of two art disciplines: embroidery and photography. The practice of embroidering photographic images has a long history. At the turn of the 20th century, European artists embellished photo postcards as part art object, part souvenir for tourists.

In a time when the process of making photography is becoming increasingly computerized and with little trace of the artist’s hand, “FotoFiber” gathers a group of international female artists who combine photography with various fiber techniques of the past while employing a contemporary sensibility. Techniques such as French knotting, cross stitching, weaving and hand stitched embroidery render unique and expressive handmade objects. Works by the artists included in “FotoFiber” go well beyond embellishment. The works address important topics such as identity, femininity, health and environmental concerns to name a few.

Orly Cogan‘s intricate embroidery work is layered in both medium and content. In her work “Stitching Schiele”, we see a dense and detailed self-portrait of the artist at work on a portrait of Egon Schiele, the Austrian Expressionist painter, known for his expressive work and notably, his self-portraits.

Barboza, a Peruvian artist, creates works that are woven from geological, climatic and hydrological maps of the areas where her photographs were made. The artist says, “The threads that compose the image are made of animal and vegetable fibers, dyed with natural dyes by communities close to the landscape that we see in the photograph. I try to get closer to the rhythms and constant transformation of the landscape, and thus force ourselves to take a contemplative look at our surroundings.”

This exhibition features the unique work of Ana Teresa Barboza, Pinky Bass, Marjolein Burbank, Han Cao, Orly Cogan, Nancy Cole, Flore Gardner, Lisa Kokin, Chelsea Revelle, Hagar Vardimon, Jane Waggoner Deschner, and Jessica Wohl. The works have been carefully sourced from around the world to demonstrate the combination of two separate disciplines to communicate with distinct and unique voices.

Please contact the gallery to schedule a viewing.


Robert Mann Gallery
14 East 80th Street, Penthouse
10075 New York, NY
United States


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