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08.04.2018 - 20.05.2018 00:00
Han Jinsu

Marc Straus is pleased to present our inaugural solo exhibition of Korean artist Han Jinsu. The exhibition will present new sculptures on the second floor and a special site-specific installation in the fourth floor storage loft.

For more than two decades, Han Jinsu has been creating kinetic sculptures that produce generative art. A modern day Dr. Frankenstein, Han jolts life into his creations by applying rudimentary physics and chemistry – spinning, flapping or producing bubbles, his mechanized sculptures come alive in unique performances.

Halfway between castaway junk and science apparatus, Han’s new series of sculptures feature clinical glass jars bubbling with tiny dye-filled bubbles. In constant effervescence, they resemble heads teeming with biological opportunities. Here, Time is an essential element – believing that nothing in the world ever remains stationary, everything is in flux, Han’s dynamic installations encourage viewers to pause and watch.

Despite its low-tech appearance, “Dream Fiend” is a complex construction of found wood and cast-metal components, replete with a metal bird-head that repeatedly pecks a human skull. A built-in receiver intercepts and broadcasts nearby signals. Han combines Dutch Vanitas with the relentless tick-tocking of a cuckoo clock. Metaphors of our daily lives, Han’s work reveals the beauty in our routines and experiences.

Han has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea; Sejong Center for Performing Arts, Seoul, Korea; Seoul Museum of Art, and SOMA museum, Seoul, Korea. In the US, Han has exhibited in Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Arts, Peekskill, NY, US and in 2018 will have his solo exhibition in Marc Straus Gallery, New York.

Gallery hours Wed-Sun 11 am – 6 pm, Mon and Tues by appointment


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