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08.06.2018 - 28.07.2018 00:00
Heinz Mack & Otto Piene - From Zero to Hero

Plutschow Gallery is pleased to present “From Zero to Hero”, an exhibition dedicated to the founders of the Zero movement in our Zurich gallery space.

Heinz Mack (1931) attended the Academy of Arts Düsseldorf during the 1950s. He exhibited works at documenta in 1964 and 1977 and he represented Germany at the 1970 Venice Biennale. His contributions to op art, light art and kinetic art are worldly renowned.

Otto Piene (1928-2014) is best known for his smoke and fire and his raster paintings. Called “Rauchbilder” (smoke pictures), Piene applied solvent to pigmented paper and lit it on fire, developing images in the residual soot.

Together, both artists initiated in Düsseldorf the Zero movement, active from 1957-66. With the desire to move away from subjective postwar movements and reduce the prominence of the role of the artist to create art, both artists gave extensive focus purely about the materials and the world in which those materials exist – meaning light and space.

The exhibition will showcase works by both artists spanning from the Zero period to more recent creations with the aim to praise their careers to the hero status.

Yes, I dream of a better world.
Should I dream of a worse?

Yes, I desire a wider world.
Should I desire a narrower?

Otto Piene, “Paths to Paradise” in ZERO 3 (July 1961)

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