in Birsfelden / Switzerland
15.06.2017 - 19.08.2017 00:00
Ho King Man - Stiff Cotton Brain Stone

I had such a nice time hanging out with Bill. Earlier today I was thinking that I hope we keep meeting for dinner to talk about these little details. I was going to suggest that we work on another project, so we can keep meeting. Catch a smile. Out-stretch a hand. We will meet anyway, I think.

Each day Bill would wake up with a sore neck. He’s carrying his title. I carried the pillow here.

He has a way of turning words into things. The lenses represent around 390 days of lost vision.

We took out the lights. Remove the curtains.

water lilies. dead leaves. pubic hairs. Images are context. History, a songbook. I don’t begin to imagine singing in the square.

wait until even the building collapses
wait until even the mosquito sleeps
chopped meat all over the floor

I was the one who doesn’t believe in doctors.

Ho King Man was born in 1988 in Xuwen, Guangdong Province, China. The Printed Room at SALTS, Basel, is dedicated to the exhibition value of literary and printed materials. Initiated by Quinn Latimer in 2013, since 2015 it has been curated by Harry Burke. Recent programming has given critical emphasis to the spatialization of text and the instability of the reading apparatus.

Curated by Harry Burke for The Printed Room.

SALTS would like to thank Swisslos-Fonds Basel-Landschaft, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Migros Kulturprozent, Roldenfund Stiftung and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia for the generous support.

Gallery hours by appointment only, please call +41 79 372 81 75


Hauptstrasse 12
4127 Birsfelden


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