in Zürich / Switzerland
03.09.2016 - 01.10.2016 12:00 - 18:00
JocJonJosch - Minor Hell

JocJonJosch is the Anglo-Swiss collective of Joschi Herczeg, Jonathan Brantschen and Joc Marchington. Issues of identity, specifically those related to the individual and the group, form the focus of much of our work and are ideas, which are explored within the microcosm of our own group as well as within the context of larger collaborations.

Within our practice ‘digging’ has emerged from the ubiquitous to meaning more than simply the action it describes. It represents a counter to our vision of man locked within a conflicted identity; a process which sources purpose from purposelessness and a way of thinking that we apply to performance and the resultant sculpture or drawing.

Through the ritualistic practice of these activities, the concept of digging has acquired a symbolic as well as functional value, with the outcome of the digs enduring as physical manifestations of the performances. It is this expanded notion that will be circumnavigated by the Dienstgebäude exhibition and the work that it will include.

Opening hours Fri noon – 6 pm, Sat 2 – 6 pm


Töpferstrasse 26
8045 Zürich


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