in Los Angeles, CA / United States
06.11.2015 - 23.12.2015 10:00 - 18:00
John Bock - Three Sisters

Regen Projects is pleased to present the United States premiere of “Three Sisters”, a new film and installation by Berlin-based German artist John Bock. This marks his fourth solo exhibition at the gallery.

John Bock’s practice belies simple explication. Working in a variety of media including drawing, film, performance, and sculpture, he creates complex installations comprised of quotidian materials such as cable, cardboard, Q-tips, foam, and tape along with personal products like shaving cream and toothpaste. Each individual item becomes fused together to create a whole, forming an installation of re-contextualized objects that take on new meaning once installed within the gallery.

The centerpiece of the exhibition presents a large-scale installation featuring the props and stage set for “Three Sisters”, the accompanying film playing in the side gallery. The film tells the story of three siblings who come together to avenge the untimely death of one of the sisters’ young daughters. Evoking tropes of slapstick and farce, the narrative explores themes of repressed desire, fear, loss, anger, and tragedy.

Bock designed the set from drawings he made that were then materialized into sculptural form. Shot against a stark black backdrop the white sets comprised of objects and furniture create a space that resembles drawings suspended in midair that the characters in the film activate. These elements serve as a sort of diagram intended to convey and interpret the ideas behind the film to the viewer. Placed in the gallery and outside of the diegetic world of the film, the visitors to the gallery transcend the role of spectator and become active participants in the installation.

Mining a visual aesthetic reminiscent of German Expressionist film, with “Three Sisters” Bock develops his own language and artistic vocabulary to create an emotional and highly idiosyncratic world in which connections are made between language, the built environment, and the individuals who inhabit it.

John Bock (b. 1965 in Gribbohm, Germany) lives and works in Berlin.

Gallery hours Tues-Sat 10 am – 6 pm


Regen Projects (Hollywood)
6750 Santa Monica Boulevard
90038 Los Angeles, CA
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