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11.10.2018 - 10.11.2018 00:00
Louis Reith / Jonathan Ryan Storm - A Sax in the Attic

Morgan Lehman Gallery is very pleased to present “A Sax in the Attic”, a collaborative exhibition between artists Jonathan Ryan Storm and Louis Reith. After presenting their two-person show “Hypnotic Country Yoga” at the Amsterdam-based Mini Galerie earlier this year, “A Sax in the Attic” marks the first time these two have teamed up in the United States. The title of this show, perhaps a non-sequitur at first blush, brings to mind ideas that might inform a viewer’s reading of the works: the structured chaos of complicated jazz patterns, a search for hidden treasures, the dust of forgotten times.

Jonathan Ryan Storm‘s recent paintings delight in the hypnotic, even psychedelic visual possibilities of color and line, while asserting a charmingly maladroit material presence through the use of stretched/collaged textile elements and chunky oil stick application. The resulting works are playful, hand wrought, and visually rewarding in person. This interest in quality of surface and the sculpturesque extends to Louis Reith‘s vocabulary as well: he makes paintings by applying richly dark soil to shaped wood panels and renders works on paper using ink and collage on found book pages. In Reith’s works, there is a sense of elegance and balance that feels inherent not only linearity of the forms depicted but also the materials/supports themselves. While Storm’s process relies heavily on intuitive decision making whereby each step in a painting leads to the next, Reith is more firmly planted in an art-making method of forethought and calculation. Both artists overtly reference an art-history past, whether it’s Modernist design, Post-Painterly abstraction, or assemblage, but the results are more than simply filled with longing. Rather, “A Sax in the Attic” is the culmination of two painters playing their respective visions of abstraction against one another, to optimistic effect.

Louis Reith (b. 1983, Hengelo, the Netherlands) graduated from the AKI Academy for Art & Design in Enschede in 2010. With an interest in printed matter, book design and handicraft, Reith creates drawings, collages, paintings and installations. Personal reminiscences and natural themes are translated into abstract compositions that play with the contrast between the mechanical and the natural, balancing the abstract and the figurative. Reith lives and works in Zetten, the Netherlands

Jonathan Ryan Storm (b. 1980, Phoenix, Arizona) graduated from Wheaton College with a BA in Metaphysics. Storm’s work is about finding balance while solving a puzzle. He begins his paintings with a basic strategy: working his way into a corner in order to find his way out. It’s a deliberate process, not an experiment. The artist lives and works in Western Massachusetts and Vermont.

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