in Birsfelden / Switzerland
13.06.2019 - 24.08.2019 00:00
Marguerite Humeau & Julian Charriere - Twin Earth

Other worlds are always possible, and sometimes imagining one can teach you something. The American philosopher Hilary Putnam famously deployed a hypothetical Twin Earth in a thought experiment which concluded that the meanings of words are not purely psychological. Today, Astrobiologists and Astronomers envisage the real possibility of an Earth Twin, somewhere out there. But where? We haven’t found one yet. In any case, one doesn’t seem like enough. Instead of a single earth, we want two. One to destroy and another to keep; one where everything is this way, and another where it is that. More is more. Sunrise over Twin Earth, and another, still… to better map our contemporary spirit.

“Twin Earth” is an exhibition of cosmographics by Marguerite Humeau & Julian Charriere. In dialogue with curator Nadim Samman, its rubric re-scales the pair’s abiding interest in planetary thematics (normally realized through large-scale installations), foregrounding their common interest in mapping. Through numerous works on paper and mixed media, “Twin Earth” is an atlas of hypothetical worlds, uncanny doubles, and new ways to look at old ground.

Opening hours Fridays 2 – 6 pm, Saturdays 1 – 5 pm and by appointment +41 79 372 81 75


Hauptstrasse 12
4127 Birsfelden


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