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05.04.2024 - 04.05.2024 00:00
Paul Sevigny - Recent Paintings

Freight + Volume is pleased to present an exhibition of recent paintings by Paul Sevigny, his second solo exhibition with the gallery. The recent paintings of the acclaimed nightlife impresario Paul Sevigny have a sophistication about them that accords well with the artist’s previous dealings in music and finance, as well as nightlife. Each work presents a colorful motley of textures and patterns, which, however pleasing to the eye, pulls no punches when it comes to experimenting with the potentials of paint and pigment. Somewhere between texture and shape, Sevigny layers puzzle-like blocks into the form of open-ended mosaics — intimating situationships, or the contours of faces in profile, as much as sprawling urban vistas.

Sevigny’s use of painterly gestures and textures to not only highlight the interpenetration of his mosaic-like patterns, but lends his works a sort of otherworldly elegance. “Untitled 1” will appear differently to viewers depending on whether it’s viewed close up or from far away. And it reveals different aspects depending on whether one looks at it in passing, or patiently lingers with it. This open-endedness is a tactical weapon in Sevigny’s arsenal, and stems from his interest in New York School-styled abstraction, such as Clyfford Still and Stuart Davis, as much as empathetic observation.

There’s a dramatic aspect to Sevigny’s paintings that operates in real-time. A sense of meeting, an homage to the place of an encounter. “Untitled 3” and “Untitled 10” both finesse this sense of conjoining, of mutual greeting, in their respective ways. Communicating a sense of ambiguity reminiscent of Philip Guston, the more open-ended palette Sevigny uses in “Untitled 3” creates a scene that feels both allegorical and figurative. Similarly, “Untitled 10” plays with planar relations against an off-white backdrop, where the continual mingling of different colors, textures, and shapes represents significant moments in an almost diagrammatic space.

Sevigny’s paintings are both playful and adventurously nonobjective. His work with color and texture acts like a conscious decision that allows for the greatest interplay of patterned surfaces and multivalent shapes to assemble themselves. Despite the abstract nature of his work, there’s also something of a figurative bent detectable across his canvases. This movement between abstraction and representations is not so much a site of tension as a dynamic source of dramatic life. The viewer’s eyes trace the outlines of Sevigny’s storied layers like a rhythmic movement, taking in the pigments that compose these paintings in an intensely personal yet accessible way.

With a name synonymous with New York nightlife, Paul Sevigny doesn’t require much of an introduction. He began his foray into the world of entertainment as a DJ spinning at exclusive parties in New York and around the world. Before long, he was opening and operating equally exclusive venues of his own with his most recent venture being Paul’s Cocktail Lounge at Tribeca Grand Hotel. With fluorescent, floral artwork created by Josh Smith, and a well-heeled crowd that embodies the full scope of downtown style and culture, the space is essentially the antithesis of New York’s contemporary nightlife scene. Which is exactly what Mr. Sevigny had in mind.

Paul Sevigny received his BA in Studio Arts from College of Charleston in 1994. He started to show his paintings in 2017 with two consecutive shows curated by Bill Powers in NYC and Miami that were followed by a string of group shows, among them an exhibition held by Christie’s in New York. This is his second solo exhibition with Freight + Volume.

Gallery hours Tue-Sat 11 am – 6 pm

Exhibition Duration 05 April – 04 May 2024


Freight + Volume
39 Lispenard St.
10013 New York, NY
United States


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