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18.01.2020 - 09.02.2020 00:00
Rosemary Cronin & Stuart McKenzie - The Offending Article

“Never was I so offended as a small child when my mother tried to force me into a baby blue hooded coat with self coloured belt”. (Stuart McKenzie)

“The regulars would take great pleasure in ordering packs of peanuts. It was one of those boards where each pack bought, meant more of the page 3 stunner was revealed underneath. Every pack torn off used to make me blush and fume”. (Rosemary Cronin)

“The Offending Article” draws upon objects that communicate loss and trauma through the fading of their very objectness.

Taking poetry as a starting point this exhibition sees Rosemary Cronin and Stuart McKenzie explore the affects and associations of the abject and banal. Mixing ‘male’, ‘female’, meaning, metaphor, signs and semiotics Cronin and McKenzie breakdown slippery associations to make time stand still through the sensory seduction of their disrupted objects.

This show came from conversations of the abject – the seen, unseen, the rediscovered. The hidden in language revealing itself. Myth making by virtue of biography which was once seen as “The Offending Article”.

Rosemary Cronin is an artist, writer and lecturer with a research-based practice focusing on gender, psychoanalysis and subversion. The work is realised through film, performance, print and sculpture. Cronin has exhibited at South London Gallery, ICA London, National Portrait Gallery and The Wallace Collection.

Stuart McKenzie is an artist, illustrator, poet and musician. His work explores the performance of self through materiality, manifested through painting, poetry, performance and objects. McKenzie has exhibited at TG Gallery Nottingham, MIART Milan, Umwelt Mode Basel, Dinner Party Gallery and Blackwing Studios London. He is widely published as a poet and featured in the Laudanum Chapbook Anthology series Volume 1. He is guitarist / vocalist with the band “Wild Daughter”.

Gallery hours Fri – Sun 12 – 6 pm


Transition Two
110a Lauriston Road
E9 7HA London
United Kingdom


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