in Tokyo / Japan
04.06.2022 - 25.06.2022 00:00
Shunsuke François Nanjo - The Algorithm of Dreams

Tomio Koyama Gallery Tennoz is pleased to present Shunsuke François Nanjo’s solo exhibition, “The Algorithm of Dreams”. Nanjo’s practice encompasses a diverse range of mediums, and introduced on this occasion are a selection of his latest paintings as well as sculptures and video works.

Shunsuke François Nanjo comments as follows regarding his attitude towards art, and his thoughts on the exhibition.

“I believe that my work is ultimately about “people”. Throughout the times, “people” have always used art as a vehicle in conveying their dreams, hopes, fears and sorrows. The medium of art is a tool for observing the chaos that is reality, and serves to highlight certain perspectives and ways of understanding the world. Although the message of art changes across generations, national borders, and cultures, its terminus ad quem is nonetheless “people”. Furthermore, I believe that all manner of things from design, to architecture, literature, science, and politics revolve around “people” to give rise to various currents that in turn constitute history. My intention is to use art to stem the tides of this surging maelstrom, if only slightly, to create an opportunity for “people” to momentarily pause in contemplation.”

About L’Algorithme des rêves = The Algorithm of Dreams
“The series of works introduced in this exhibition are inspired by various narratives found in literature, philosophy, history, film, the internet, and video games. In the worlds depicted by Haruki Murakami, David Lynch, Zhuang Zhou, or the games of Kojima Productions, there is always some kind of anomaly, void, or entrance to another dimension that comes to manifest in the form of a certain rift. Such interspaces perhaps harbor meanings that draw connections to what Foucault refers to as Heterotopia, or the concept of TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone) articulated by Hakim Bey. What is more, they serve as gateways to another world like the metaverse. The works reflect my interests regarding the nature of the narratives that occur in the realms between, and the influences I gained from them.”

Shunsuke François Nanjo was born in Tokyo in 1981. He received a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from the University Toulouse le Mirail, France in 2005. Working between Europe and Asia, he has held solo exhibitions in various locations across the globe including Tokyo, Paris, Beijing, Milan, and New York. Nanjo has also participated in international exhibitions including, iBiennale MMXIX (2019), KENPOKU ART (Ibaraki, Japan, 2016), and e-art festival (Tunis, 2016). He engages with various media that span both analog and digital to produce an eclectic array of two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, while bringing focus to the concept of Utopia as a core inspiration for his practice. Nanjo is also a member of COMPOSITE Collective.

Gallery hours 11 pm – 6 pm, closed Sun, Mon, National Holidays

Exhibition Duration 04 June 4 – 25 June 2022


Tomio Koyama Gallery Tennoz
Terrada Art Complex Ⅰ 4F, 1-33-10, Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku
140-0002 Tokyo


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