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07.06.2023 - 18.08.2023 00:00
Summer Lovin'

Lounging by the pool, the roar of ocean waves, blue skies, and a romance: summer is the season that could live on forever. “Summer Lovin’”, the latest exhibition at Robert Mann Gallery, showcases a selection of intimate moments and faded memories gone with the tide.

Step onto the beach with Joe Deal‘s “Laguna Beach, California” (1978) or catch a volleyball on the hot sand in John Mack‘s “Cancun, Quintana, Roo, Mexico”, (2008). Spend a night out at the carnival captured by Jeff Brouws with flashing lights and a thrill: “Ice Cream Booth, Ventura, California” (1988) and “Magenta Midway, Ventura, California” (1990).

Float down the river with the return of Julie Blackmon‘s “Flatboat” (2022) or shake your head at the neighborhood kids running wild in the backyard, “Flag Cake” (2015).

Curated by gallery director, Caroline Wall, “Summer Lovin’” intertwines serene landscapes with unsuspecting sun bathers, free-fall divers and drying swimsuits. Anything goes in summer as the photographs sing to the tune of love off the walls. Enjoy an eclectic collection of subtle sensuality and play, of vacations and dog days.

Just as summer warms in June and cools in August, as will the exhibition on display from June 7 to August 18, 2023 with an expanded selection available to view online.

The selection features the work of: Julie Blackmon, Jeff Brouws, Harry Callahan, Joe Deal, Larry Fink, Richard Finkelstein, Elijah Gowin, Cig Harvey, Chip Hooper, Michael Kenna, O. Winston Link, Mike Mandel, Ed Sievers, and Henry Wessel.

Gallery hours by appointment

Exhibition Duration 07 June – 18 August 2023


Robert Mann Gallery
14 East 80th Street, Penthouse
10075 New York, NY
United States


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