in Zürich / Switzerland
19.01.2019 18:00 - 22:00
Talk, Poetry Reading & Performance - Dangerous Thoughts

Last Tango is pleased to present “Dangerous Thoughts”, an evening filled with wonder and poetics.

18 Uhr Welcome Note

18:05 – 18:50 Uhr Talk by Katharina Brandl (in English) followed by Q&A: Magical Resistance. Witchcraft and Contemporary Art
Katharina’s talk will examine five key reasons for the recent (queer-)feminist reception of and interest in witchcraft in contemporary art. She will present an “incomplete typology” of the phenomenon in order to map out the works of art witches in all their diversity. Furthermore, she will discuss the key differences between the recent “witch trend” in contemporary art and the interest of earlier generations of feminist artists.

19 Uhr Apéro Break

19:30 Uhr Reading by actor René Schoenenberger of poems (in German) by C.P. Cavafy: “Lascivious Pink Lips of Inebriation”
René will read a selection of Constantine P. Cavafy’s poems from the book “So Unverwandt Bertrachtet” (1997) published by Edition Patrick Frey. Illustrated by Dieter Hall, the book presents the homo-erotic dimension of a poet whom the “Times Literary Supplement” named “One of the greatest writers of our times.”

19:45 Uhr Apéro Break

20 Uhr Interlude 1 by magician Basil Spiess

20:15 Uhr Apéro Break

21 Uhr Interlude 2
Basil’s “Magical Interludes”: Basil will transport us into the world of wizardry. He will perform two short interludes. Experience enchanting stand-up magic up close and ask yourself: witchcraft or illusion?
Read on the current exhibition “Dieter Hall & Xénia Lucie Laffely”.

Last Tango
Gasometerstrasse 30
8005 Zürich


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