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I am professional resume writer. I am proud that I help people to get dream job!

Also, I really like surfing and snowboarding. So every time I find it hard to choose – Bali or Alps?

Personal Values

Your personal values are the principles you stand for. They are your beliefs about what is most important to

you. You may like to think of them as a code of conduct for your life! You may or may not be consciously aware

of all your values. However, your values go on working and directing your life like a compass, whether you are aware

of them or not!

Values impact on all aspects of your life

If you are living your life congruent with your personal values, you will feel happy and fulfilled. However, if you are not living true to your values – you will feel unhappy, unfulfilled and a sense of conflict.

Have you ever had to make a decision that you have felt uneasy about If so, it is likely that this was because it conflicted with one of your core values.

In order to fine tune your life, you need to be fully aware of your own personal values. Amazingly many people are unable to state their 5 top core values when asked. Yet without being aware of which direction your own internal compass is pointing – you may end up living your life guided by someone else’s! You need finally change your job! My sister was office clerk, but then she realized, she want be nurse. She graduated from college, turned to professional resume writing service for nurses and finally gor dream job!

Whose life are you living

If there is only one area of your own personal growth you develop, being clear about your personal values and living true to them will make an enormous difference to your life.