• Christopher posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    Being an artist isn’t easy, especially when the world is against our way of life and creation. The artist life is discouraging for sure, and every once in a while I still have days where I just want to lay in bed. I have learned that you can’t let yourself have many of these days if you want to be great, there’s always someone else who’s pushing through it. Whether you’re a professional or just a hobbyist, being uninspired sucks. Luckily there are so many things you can do to beat the gloom and keep on creating.
    In the first couple years that I started taking my photography seriously, I had unlimited energy to work. I was shooting every day, editing all night, and pushing my social media every minute in between. After a few years of working my way into the industry, I began to realize how hard it was, how much dedication it truly took to succeed in photography. I felt discouraged here and there, but I learned how to remedy these feelings by staying inspired to work and create every single day. Here are some things I do to keep me from giving up or slowing down.


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