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    Learn New Techniques
    When you feel like you’ve hit a creative wall, break through it by learning something new. Whether it’s shooting something different than usual or trying a different editing technique it will make you want to create new work to use these new skills in. Try using a new color pallet, background, light set up or even a different camera. You can even learn something outside of the photography world. When I’m feeling uninspired I pick up a canvas and paint every once in a while. Creating something that isn’t related to photography at all helps me clear my head, and reminds me why I’m a photographer and not a painter. I also like to create wardrobe or other photography props when I need a break from the camera. Creating items for photos is a great way to find inspiration because you can actually use what you make in an image.We can all use a break from technology, even as photographers it’s such a relief to change it up and create something in another artistic medium.


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