• Sige Nagels posted an update 4 months ago

    Hi, I am Sige Nagels. I am an engineer architect who turned into an artist. Once I was leading large construction sites and I changed that route. As artists, we are creating dreams into reality by staying close to ourselves, our heart, our intuition, and our soul, because we can not be other than just being ourselves and sharing that with the world. In this sense, my art is a daily reminder of this process to take the freedom to ourselves, take radical responsibility to create the future we want, and spread that message.

    In 2o2o I created the art installation NARCHITEKTUR. I integrated nature and architecture into the infrastructure of the heart of the city of Zürich into an art installation where the city of Zürich is carried by nature. We bring back nature to our cities to address climate change accordingly. I brought several areas of my life and expertise together in a dream: art, architecture, and nature without a perfect sketch, just the will do create new worlds for us to live in.

    Why? To give people examples we have everything to address climate change in cities. It just takes the decision to do so. To open doors in the people’s minds. To facilitate and to believe we can and act accordingly. For our children, so they get to create the life of their dreams too.

    The architectural designs are made for the following locations: Prime Tower, Bahnhofbrücke, EscherWyss Platz, Sechseläutenplatz, Rosengartenbrücke, Helvetiaplatz, Münsterhof, Langstrasse und Bahnhof Hardbrücke.

    I am looking forward to being connected on this platform!

    Kind regards,

    Art Installation NARCHITEKTUR: https://narchitektur.ch/en/

    My Social Media accounts are fb, insta, tiktok, youtube, pinterest


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