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Melli Ink studied theatre design at Central St. Martins College in London. She worked in theatre, opera and film, designing both sets and costumes, before venturing on becoming a fine artist. Her background of theatre design informs her work as fine artist to this day. Her media include sculpture, film and performance.

In recent years it has become more and more evident that Ink draws her inspiration from art history, literature, film and music. Popular culture is as important to her as high culture, questioning its history and relevance and translating it into our time.

Melli Ink works with glassblowers and other artisans representing dying professions to produce her work. She is fond of incorporating traditional techniques and repurposing them for contemporary art.

Her work is strongly influenced by the Alpine folk art of her native Austria , which is reflected in the value she places in the craft of the artisan. She specialises in juxtaposing the use of materials such as glass and mountain crystal, metal and ceramics.

1972 born in Innsbruck, Austria
Lives and works in Zurich and Berlin


Melli Ink is represented by Grieder Contemporary, Küsnacht ZH (Switzerland).


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