in London / United Kingdom
26.05.2023 - 22.07.2023 00:00
Aimée Parrott - Waterborne

Parafin is excited to present an inaugural show of new work by Aimée Parrott, following on from her participation in “Secret of Lightness” at Parafin in 2022.

Parrott’s work exudes an atmosphere of interconnectivity. While the material possibilities of paint provide the primary productive force, reoccurring biomorphic motifs reveal an interest in transformations in ecological and geological structures within the biosphere.

Parrott makes use of the fluidity of the monotype process to create work where rhythmic gestures and forms repeat seeming to echo; growing, fading, regenerating within a self perpetuating framework.

The artist’s solo presentation will showcase a new body of work. Building on her practice’s pre-existing concerns, her new paintings are a deeply personal reflection on a dramatic shift in her circumstances over the past year:

“The already unnerving physical transformation of my first pregnancy was heightened by complications that made me more acutely aware of my body’s fragility and it’s disobedience. My world shrank; the ancient view of stark white cliffs through the hospital window contrasted with the canter of my twins heartbeats and the anxiously followed waves of the EKG machine. The paintings that I’m making are imbued with traces of these overlapping moments, a linear narrative is rejected in favour of micro and macro events interweaving as the works track small momentary shifts as well as vast ones”.

Parrott’s new works are informed by the interplay of internal and external change and growth; waves, signals, fluids, currents, flutterings, spinning circular fans, threads, seascapes are all reoccurring motifs suggesting osmosis and transition. Split panels, twin monotypes bound together, duet-like compositions – side by side, above and below create a sense of fractured, then reconfigured, shared points of view.

Aimée Parrott (born 1987, Brighton) studied at University College Falmouth (2006-2009) and Royal Academy Schools (2011-2014).

Gallery hours Tue-Fri 10 am – 6 pm, Sat 12 – 5 pm

Exhibition Duration 26 May – 22 July 2023


18 Woodstock Street
W1C 2AL London
United Kingdom


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